Why Basel (The Hungry Syrian Wanderer) Chose To Become A Filipino | Toni Talks

It was nice to meet Basel aka The Hungry Syrian Wanderer. He shared how hard it was for him to be in a foreign land away from his family and how the "mga tao" here in the Philippines has captured his heart.


  1. Dyosa mu

    Dyosa mu3 ساعات قبل

    Please Suggested vlog: Colob hungry syrian to IVANA ALAWI

  2. Dyosa mu

    Dyosa mu3 ساعات قبل

    Please Suggested vlog: Colob hungry syrian to IVANA ALAWI

  3. Dyosa mu

    Dyosa mu3 ساعات قبل

    Please Suggested vlog: Colob hungry syrian to IVANA ALAWI

  4. Dyosa mu

    Dyosa mu3 ساعات قبل

    Please Suggested vlog: Colob hungry syrian to IVANA ALAWI

  5. Dyosa mu

    Dyosa mu3 ساعات قبل

    Please Suggested vlog: Colob hungry syrian to IVANA ALAWI

  6. Dyosa mu

    Dyosa mu3 ساعات قبل

    Please Suggested vlog: Colob hungry syrian to IVANA ALAWI

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    I superlike this content of urs idol toni much Love

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    Your one of a king Basel...God bless you

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    I really Admire Basel. He's Amazing

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    He's such a good man, Syrian by birth but filipino by heart

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    Good concept 👍☺️, appreciated!



    Thank you for helping the Filipino people Sir Basel. How's Maui, Maki, and Milky boys?

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    Mabuhay ka Basel Godbless u.

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    Thank you soo much sir bassel for helping mga tao here in the Philippines…🥰😍

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    Ang cute pakinggan “ MGA TAO”

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    May God bless you Sir Basel,I salute you

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    Thats the real reason

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    He dont have a choice because his country is in civil war he has to count 100 yrs to rebuild his country again

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    may God bless and protect you always Basil , in be half sa MGA TAO... thank you and continue doing good thins!

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    Thanks for helping many filipinos sir basel ay kababayan na pala filipino ka na nga pala salamat

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    magka Birthday kami... November 11 din ako 1998

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    So touched. Thank you Basel for loving our country 💕 despite of its imperfection due to the people ruling it.

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    i think Balut is considered haraam. its not baboy but its the way its cooked that made it haraam.

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    a very humble man that is so brave and show to the world how to be independent. Keep helping poor people you are a hero.

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    I love basel what a great guy 😁

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    Hi good day sir Basel. im jhen and im one of ur avid fans, sobra po ang paghanga ko sau, dhil s npakabuti mong tao, i prayed that God will blessed u more pra mrmi kpang mtulungan, Ako po pla ay isang solo parent with my 3kids am 27 now, trying to find a job for me to be able to support my childs needs. ngbbkasakali lng po bka my hiring po kau, willing to work po any position, date po akong sales lady sa mall, ngtindera dn po ako sa angels burger pulang lupa, ng factory worker po, laking laspiñas dn po ako, sna po matulungan nyo po ako pra po s mga anak ko, dhil ako lng po ang mg.isang ngttaguyod sknila, . Marming slmat po and please continue to inspire mga tao, Godbless u Sir.

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    I like what Basel is saying about good karma. If you do good, good things will naturally comes back to you.. the same way doing bad, bad things will comes your way. Not biblical but good principle in life especially the expression of loving and helping people because thats really the expressive way of loving God..

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    Huwag mo naman palabasin na parang maraming di nagmamahal sa bayan. Di hamak na mas marami kaming kasama ni Basel na mahal ang Pilipinas. Obvious naman na ang hindi natutuwa sa kalagayan ng Pilipinas ay mga dilawan Lang at yung taga isang TV network. Total nila 1/10 lang ng mga Pilipino. Ok?

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    That was very nice interview with Basil. Rich guy who came to adopt our culture and loving the poor kababayan! God bless you or you maybe the blessing sent by God! Syria, Damascus, Saudi Arabia are descendants of Abraham Biblically true! For you Basil please read the Bible to learn more of your ancestors, you will discover more of your family line.

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