UNREAL SCENES! Tuchel and Conte SQUARE OFF at full-time! 🤬 | Both managers red carded 🟥

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Thomas Tuchel and Antonio Conte were both sent off as tempers flared after Harry Kane's last-gasp equaliser earned Tottenham the unlikeliest of points in a pulsating 2-2 draw with Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.
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  1. Akshay Jumani

    Akshay Jumani

    These 2 showed more passion and aggression in one handshake than any United player did in 180 minutes against Brighton and Brentford.

  2. Shinkin


    1 minute of Tuchel vs Conte, way much better than watching United whole season

  3. Akshar Hemraj

    Akshar Hemraj

    José mourinho smiling in a corner.

  4. Ava Adams

    Ava Adams

    Scenes like these are what we watch football for . They shouldn't even be fined or booked. It's an emotional game , a game of passion. Let em show what it means.

  5. espben360


    30 years ago, this was probably normal! Great way to celebrate the premier leagues 30 yr anniversary with a bit of a throwback! Love seeing the managers show fight and what it truly means to them. And a great game as well

  6. mayvb49

    mayvb4928 أيام قبل

    It's actually sad that we won't see part 2 of this, let's hope Tuchel find another club and face Conte again

  7. Tumwebaze Conrad

    Tumwebaze Conrad

    This is what we've missed these past two months. What a Premier league weekend.

  8. Jay HYVE

    Jay HYVE


  9. Muchtar Latif

    Muchtar Latif

    commentator: "and it finished."

  10. SoFarSoGood


    They both so passionate in this derby game , express their emotions . But after that, they end it in a very professional way. Just walk out , no tricks or additional violence. This really remind me a lot of Mourinho and Wenger during their managerial time in Epl

  11. uphar sahil

    uphar sahil

    Thats why we love the premier league. Drama, passion, aggression, world class managers and teams. No doubt the best league in the world 🔥🔥🔥

  12. Wake no.

    Wake no.

    That's passion, respect to those coaches for bringing it back to premier league.

  13. hdw


    The most aggressive handshake in history 😂

  14. Max Alonzo Misericordia Flores

    Max Alonzo Misericordia Flores

    These 2 made my day. Finally people who have passion and love for football.

  15. Zoro_The_Navigator


    As a Chelsea fan I would say that the 2 goals from spurs were just mind-blowing, nothing much we could do. Good game fellow rivals.

  16. AlrightThere


    Commentator at one point in the game when they squared up said "no one wants to see that" but I actually thought seeing the managers getting really passionate about their teams was exciting to see! We love this kinda stuff. Raw emotion no punches thrown or anyone getting hurt just emotion

  17. mithil shetty

    mithil shetty

    I’m in love with Conte! What passion and energy this guy exudes. Sad, united don’t have this attitude towards the game anymore :(

  18. Luke Thomas Pennington

    Luke Thomas Pennington

    I loved this - both managers who wanted to win, proper Spurs-Chelsea rivalry. Great game to watch but I thought Chelsea were hard done by.

  19. Amit Tolani

    Amit Tolani

    Crazy referee calls, crazy chances, crazy ending. What a game.



    Those two at full time! Passion, energy, enjoyment, agony! All the emotions! That’s what the Premier League is all about! Red cards for both shows how the game has gone! Let’s get back to the passion they showed! Best league in the world!!!