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  1. Haider Royker

    Haider Royker

    People of the Philippines are such joyful, friendly, hardworking, compassionate people, family oriented, strong and courageous under adversity. It is a country of people with a wealth of talented and gifted people in so many of the creatively artistic fields. These performances are simply mind blowing! Much love and praise to the people of Philippines.

  2. Batjargal Damdinjav

    Batjargal Damdinjav21 أيام قبل

    I was always amazed by how Filipinos are talented because we Mongolians are also very talented. You almost won't find a person in Mongolia who doesn't sing! However, Filipinos are unbelievably talented! Bravo!

  3. Ree


    Filipinos be very proud! You gave us an experience of Angels singing, thank you!! ZIMBABWE 🇿🇼

  4. kuya sam

    kuya sam

    I'm not a Filipino but I am retired in the Philippines and my wife is a Filipina. I am so fortunate to see how cheerful and talented the Filipinos are in everything they do!

  5. Mamamy TV

    Mamamy TV

    Philippines is like a salad bowl of talents. You'll find incredible dancers, singers, comedians, cooks, hard workers in any field,, and you name it. Filipinos are compassionate, hospitable, energetic, and hard working. We take punches, we fall but with each punch is what makes as strong. When we get up, we get up with a smile. Filipinos are the most resilient fighters. The motto... " NO RETREAT, NO SURRENDER". I'm proud to be a Filipino. 💖🇵🇭

  6. Mp Singh

    Mp Singh

    I am Indian recognise and appreciate the talent Filipinos possess especially in singing and dancing. They are hard working and as intelligent any global community.

  7. Elvira Vugrinec

    Elvira Vugrinec

    I think When Filipinos were born, they don’t cry, they sing😘

  8. Marlon Carranza

    Marlon Carranza

    Showcase of Filipino talents in world stage. At par with international singers. Proud to be Filipino. 🇵🇭

  9. Alexander De Leon

    Alexander De Leon

    There are many talented Filipinos not just in singing but in other forms of art, very talented, proud to be Filipino!

  10. Marco Mtz

    Marco Mtz

    Hola Filipinos!!! I'm from Mexico but my heart is Filipino!!!...God bless you all.

  11. Ali Punga

    Ali Punga

    Filipinos are under rated. Often being discriminated against. But the Filipino is full of talent! Be proud of it.

  12. Mp Singh

    Mp Singh

    They are so good at par with world class artists. I knew about their talent and qualities since my school days as I had Filipino friends . Although I am Indian , I feel proud to be associated with such intelligent and artistic people.



    i always enjoyed repeating and repeating watching this video not just because i am a filipino but how we shared our talent and joy to humanities in the World! Truly an inspirations to our filipino youth! and the LEGACY TO THE OLD! MARAMING SALAMAT PO!

  14. Rosario Rose

    Rosario Rose

    Filipinos are blessed with talents, proud to be Filipinos ❤️❤️❤️

  15. Rafael Torres

    Rafael Torres

    I'm a proud Pilipino and its my honor to say that Pilipinos were a world class singer.

  16. Pearl Packard

    Pearl Packard

    I'm soooo proud that I am a FILIPINO borned in the PHILIPPINES,there' s Soo much things to be of as a FILIPINO,singing,dancing,acting,most and foremost our hospitality,we always welcome friends into our homes,ask them to sit & join us in our dining table to eat with us no matter who you are,it' s our culture to help each other's ,we always have the mutual relationship !!!

  17. Ambidextrous Andre

    Ambidextrous Andre

    I love Phillipino singers.. they are just magical voices from heaven.

  18. Tobyn Cummins

    Tobyn Cummins

    My expectation is that everyone born in the Phillipines can sing fantastically, such passion and energy for it.

  19. Explorer Dad SoCal

    Explorer Dad SoCal

    I’m not Filipino…. But when I saw Filipino on the title I clicked because I know I’m gonna see some amazing singing talent

  20. Jeff Gabel

    Jeff Gabel

    DANG! The talent coming out of the Philippines is deep, broad and awesome!! All three talents represented here give me chills and goose bumps. My favorite is 4th Impact!! They have continued and continue to wow audiences where ever they go. They survived the Pandemic, almost lost their mother, and are up and out stronger than ever!!! Would have loved to see Marcelito Pomoy in this group but where would it stop? The pool of talent is so deep!!!