Staycation Room Makeover

Hi friends, thanks for joining me, in today's video, we will be discussing our staycation room makeover plans for next week! We will be making over the master bedroom at the log home, I can't wait! I will also be sharing some small changes I've made in the house. Thanks for stopping by! See you all Friday! 👋 ~XOXO 😘
❤️ Items shared...
My Tank Top:
Bedding 33% ON SALE on 6/29:
Square Pillow:
Oblong Pillow:
9x12 Drop Cloth Curtains:
Curtain Rods:
Curtain Clips:
French Country Bench:
White Enameled Cast Iron Covered Dutch Oven:
Summer Wreath:
Clip On Shop Light:
Plaid Check Curtians:
Plaid Check Valance:
Farmhouse Buffalo Plaid Pillow Covers:
Boho Pillow Cover:
Shutter Mirror: (Currently Unavailable)
Silicone Lamp:
Glass Cake Stand:
Barn/Industrial Wall Sconce (plug in):
Kitchen Mats:
Lemon Topiary:
Fuax Cakes:
Large Coffee Canister w/ Cute Knob: (similar)
Small Coffee Canister w/ Cute Knob: (similar)
❤️ Swan Creek Candles ⬇️
Cold Brewed Coffee: (Different Jar)
Roasted Espresso:
Spiced Orange Cinnamon:
Honey Soaked Apples:
Citrus & Sage:
Crisp Cotton:
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  1. Cinderella1125


    It's so fun to watch the changes you make in your beautiful log home. Moving and adding decor keeps our homes much more interesting. Praying for a successful gum surgery and a speedy recovery. The items that you purchased for your bedroom will make your room look gorgeous for summer and fall. Looking forward to the makeover!

  2. Linda Hensley

    Linda Hensley

    Love everything, can't wait to see it all together. Love the chippy door and the window and sign over the range.

  3. Vintage Southern Belle- Nichole Cole

    Vintage Southern Belle- Nichole Cole

    Can’t wait to see your bedroom makeover!! Love the door too girlie!!❤️❤️ Praying for quick recovery from your surgery. Have a great 4th!!

  4. Lisa Friday

    Lisa Friday

    Can’t wait to see the bedroom finished. Good luck Friday and I hope you heal quickly ❤️

  5. Vickie Allen

    Vickie Allen

    Can’t wait for the makeover, I know it’s going to be gorgeous! 💜💜💜

  6. Judy Wright

    Judy Wright

    Hey Liz! Love the door! Looking forward for your master bedroom redo!

  7. Melinda Jones

    Melinda Jones

    I’m so excited to see your new bedroom! I’m redecorating mine, but I’m going through a “dark” phase in my home decorating and my physical decorating - lots of moon and stars, dream catchers, and mandalas. Even my clothes and jewelry are going in that direction. Amazon has so much to choose from in any style! Hope your surgery and recovery goes well!

  8. Janet Gies

    Janet Gies

    The kitchen vignettes look wonderful. Can't wait for the Bedroom Makeover!

  9. Debi Boyd

    Debi Boyd

    Hi Liz! I’m so excited for your 5 star bedroom makeover!!! I really loved everything you got for it. Can’t wait to see it! Hope all goes well with your surgery tomorrow 🙏😊💕. Loved your door in the corner with the chippy paint and that old door knob. I love old doors too and the character and feeling they have. I was thinking it would be so pretty to put a sheer curtain behind it and some string lights behind that. I think it would look so magical at night and nice for the Holidays too! Have a wonderful and happy 4th of July🇺🇸🎊🎉🇺🇸🎊🎉🇺🇸🎊🎉🇺🇸 and a great staycation too!!!😊💕🇺🇸❤️

  10. Sandra G. McAlister

    Sandra G. McAlister

    Hi Liz, wishing you a speedy recovery. Looking forward to your bedroom makeover! Stay safe and cool. 💕

  11. Benita Jones

    Benita Jones

    Hey Liz, The glass pane white door with crackles looks great in the corner. It really does lighten and brighten the space. Your home always looks so good. I’m excited to see your bedroom make over. I loved the view of your porch/ deck make over you did the other day. It makes a beautiful view out your windows. A staycation sounds good to me. Sometimes when the kiddos are gone doing their thing, it’s nice to be just the two of ya. Plus, with your surgery and everything, you might be glad to stay closer to home. Prayers that you recover fast with no problems. Take care friend.

  12. Julie Kalivoda

    Julie Kalivoda

    Yay Liz! Can’t wait for Friday and I must say, what a great idea to redo your master with the same funds you would’ve spent on a quick vacation! Love u! ❤❤❤

  13. Tonia Clingan

    Tonia Clingan

    That old door is absolutely gorgeous, I love it! I have a few antique items and think about who and how it was used. I love the window and sign above your stove as well. I love you and your channel so much. All day yesterday I thought it was Wednesday so I kept looking for your video until about 5 pm when I finally realized it was only Tuesday lol.

  14. Barbara Jameson

    Barbara Jameson

    Great video Liz, love your new master bedroom decor,an I can’t wait to see it all

  15. Kristie b

    Kristie b

    Hi Liz. I love your idea with the sign over the stove and the coffee canister is so cute. I love so many things you showed. Prayers for a successful procedure tomorrow ♥️

  16. Lynne Lovett

    Lynne Lovett

    Loving your new bedroom fixings... comforter, pillows, curtains and rug ! You always feel better and more energized after a refresh on your master bedroom. Any room really. Love your sign/door above your range hood and your crackle paint door! Nice change and refresh. We are taking a staycation because we can't afford to go anywhere because of the high cost of everything...gas, food, logging and everything else. So enjoy your new master bedroom makeover and staycation ! I pray you have a quick recovery from your gum surgery Ms Liz. God's speed.

  17. Maria Williams

    Maria Williams

    Hey Liz, I can’t wait to see your bedroom when finished! Praying your surgery goes well and you heal quickly. 😊❤️🙏

  18. Gay Doyle

    Gay Doyle

    I added a "blessed" sign to my fireplace screen and thought of you telling us to LAYER! Looks so cute! And obviously there no fire due to extreme heat here in KY. TFS!

  19. Adventures in Decorating

    Adventures in Decorating

    Love your fabulous plans for your bedroom and fun new pieces. The sign looks perfect layered over your window! Hope your surgery went alright ... have had the same thing done. Not fun, but easy recovery. xoxo

  20. Beverly Lones

    Beverly Lones

    Love all the new items to make over your master bedroom! The door is gorgeous! The wreath is so beautiful! I absolutely love the window and sign together above the vent! Love the cute snack bowels! 💛😊🌻