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  1. Sardar Tayyab Rehman

    Sardar Tayyab Rehman

    Dearest Saba Qamar You have done 71 television serials, 10 telefilms, 6 Movies, 7 music videos, 2 web series, Hosted 1 program, 2 Award shows... Your true fans knows Everything 🔥

  2. Azizam A

    Azizam A

    I always feel like she has a lot to say and can reveal a lot of things about her life, but chooses to remain private. Maybe to avoid controversy but then she’s not the type to be scared either. I think that’s good in a way not to expose, but honestly one day I would just love her to write a book. She came in the industry at a point where things and the type of work is different to what it is now. She’s sort of grown with the industry. The things she would reveal about the industry, about all the people she’s met, about our society, about our culture would be eye opening and worth listening to, because she’s lived so many lifetimes in one and as a result has lived and gained many varied experiences. Also, she’s a phenomenal actress, but I feel like we haven’t tapped in to her as a person.

  3. Saniya Khan

    Saniya Khan21 أيام قبل

    Saba is full of soul,spirit she carry that infinite love which now shines on her buried pain of her life...just love her.may Allah always keep her happy, peaceful and full of strength🖤

  4. Alisha Asghar

    Alisha Asghar

    Her interviews are so inspirational. I met her once and she was so kind and humble <3

  5. Rida khan

    Rida khan

    I am in love with her. I really like her work, her confidence, and her approach towards life. She is not just beautiful from outside but her soul is beautiful. She is very calm, positive, and strong women. Such an inspiration!

  6. Khoon Kharaba Kahani

    Khoon Kharaba Kahani

    Saba Qamar has such a magnetic personality, you can’t help but stare at her! And what a wonderful actress! Adore her since Pani Jaissa Pyar and Dastaan! 😍😍😍😍

  7. Arshia Amjad

    Arshia Amjad

    No one can ever be like Saba, a true diva ♥️

  8. Faria Naim

    Faria Naim

    Thoroughly loved watching this episode of GupShup. Thanks Rabia for introducing us to a very sensible and sensitive Saba…..your gupshup is a bit different from other interviews. ♥️🇧🇩

  9. Mrs.Usama Syed

    Mrs.Usama Syed

    Thankyou so much for calling her... one of the best things in past some days that happened to me and was a moodlifter...

  10. Happy Star

    Happy Star14 أيام قبل

    Her talking style is changed as compared to previous years... I feel like she's speaking in a melody... Calm, composed, soft & true voice ;)

  11. Arham Umair

    Arham Umair21 أيام قبل

    She is purely the most humble artist of South asia. A pure soul ❤

  12. mano


    Saba Qamar is the Queen of our industry ‚ She is such a brilliant and Versatile Performar ‚ She is bold Energetic Confident and a Good hearted person ‚ She inspired many people 🦋❤️✨ eagerly waiting for her upcoming projects ❤️

  13. Sultana Pasha

    Sultana Pasha

    She is the best , impressive personality ,exceptional actress

  14. Ambar Jahan

    Ambar Jahan

    I love Rabia. Her interview are the best. The way she interviews, it makes the celebrity comfortable. Rabia’s way of talking, way of expressing the questions. Superb Rabia. All the very best. MashaAllah

  15. Rbl Fatima

    Rbl Fatima

    She's an inspiration for all the young ladies. Hat's off. Love u. I listen to her interviews to learn from her, from her thoughts, from her feelings, from her personality. Just love! ♥️

  16. sidra Aleem

    sidra Aleem

    with every interview of saba i can always relate, the ambition thing n damagh ko smjhna, compatibility thing, all these aspects are very relatable

  17. Avanti Mukherjee

    Avanti Mukherjee

    Saba Qamar is a class apart ... a true role model just like her screen characters ❤️

  18. Uzma Ent. House

    Uzma Ent. House

    Saba Qamar my favourite Actress

  19. Almas Asif

    Almas Asif

    OMG!! Loved this 🥰 No1 Queen SQ 💓Tysm to Rabia & Fuchsia Team for such an amazing interview 🥰🥰🥰

  20. ruksana iftekhar

    ruksana iftekhar

    Great interview