My Summer Holiday 155 Days Building 1M Dollars Water Slide Park into Underground Swimming Pool House

My Summer Holiday 155 Days Building 1M Dollars Water Slide Park into Underground Swimming Pool House

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Who we are?
We are a group of 4 friends who live in San Francisco, the United States of America. We worked together in a company. Currently, we just decided to quite our job and started our job as our hobby and dream job as builders. We love building. We got the same mindset actually. Recently, we just move to live in Oklahoma, the southern of the USA. I got a plot of land here, so we come and start making videos about how to build, how to survive, and mostly about the primitive skills in the jungle.

How does it made?
It’s been a while that we haven’t upload our new video. We spent 155 days to build such a goodness water slide park into a huge swimming pool. We got our master plan and an advance architecture design for the whole building structure. Actually, we are not architecture, we just love building especially the underground house and swimming pool.
Our water slide was built as a twin water slide and the shape is similar to the walking snake. We dug a big termite house to make two holes to connect with our water slide. Also this water slide is really unique in term of shape and art style.
The tunnel temple house was design as the Disney Land Temple and mix with our special new ideas by using only the small wood, the rice straw, and the clay to make the roof. Inside the house as a bedroom we got two beds which were the same style as a twin bed. The bed was design as a classic and unique style.
Everything was handmade, so the primitive tools that we normally used are hoes, shovels, trowels, axe, spades, and a machete.

How big is this building?
We separated this building into two parts. The first parts is about the water slide and the swimming pool and the second parts is about the underground house. The first part dimension is 9metres by 12metres and it is 4.5metres depth. The second part, underground house, dimension is 4metres by 4metres and the depth is only 4metres.

What’s next?
The next underground building project is going to be much more amazing and interesting than this. Please stay tune to watch the next episode.
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