Mind2Mind’s Psychic Powers Leave The Judges in Shock | AGT 2022

Mind2Mind does the unthinkable with this incredible performance.
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The 17th season of America's Got Talent returns with a new set of aspiring performers looking to compete for the ultimate $1 million prize. Executive Producer Simon Cowell returns to the star-studded judging panel with global fashion icon Heidi Klum, fan-favorite comedian Howie Mandel and acclaimed actress and international superstar Sofia Vergara. The dynamic Terry Crews returns as host. This season promises to deliver some of the wildest acts to ever grace the AGT stage.
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Mind2Mind’s Psychic Powers Leave The Judges in Shock | AGT 2022
America's Got Talent


  1. Garrett Stubs

    Garrett Stubs

    The most impressive part of this might be Heidi keeping a straight face while having the memory read. I'd be freaking out lol

  2. my10baby


    They were amazing. There’s so many amazing acts this year! This season will be a tough one with so much talent

  3. Godbless Kamnde

    Godbless Kamnde

    So humble, she knew all judges will say yes yet she remained calm😁

  4. gbemiga oluwafemi

    gbemiga oluwafemi

    Best Season so Far, Amazing acts, people are really coming out to show what they can do

  5. LMM


    These mentalist acts never win for some reason but I absolutely love them & I especially love this couple!!! Hope they win!

  6. Jeremy


    The real magician is the guy who collect the memories.

  7. n. zubemo lotha

    n. zubemo lotha

    The mentalist act is wonderful and marina has such a fruity sweety voice; sofia adds spice to the show especially with her funny character; Heidi is beautiful, calm and adds grace to the show… power girls!

  8. yukuhana


    In the past, a similar act would have been channeled through the partner, leaving lots of doors open, but this time Heidi was the channel! This is a whole different level of mentalist performance. Amazing!

  9. Nithin KS

    Nithin KS

    Wow, The member of the crew played major role in this act.

  10. Lynn Ngo

    Lynn Ngo

    Wow!! James and Marina were amazing love mentalist acts it's like they can read your mind. That was absolutely brilliant!! Loved this act! I got goosebumps!

  11. Aaron Elijah Colyer

    Aaron Elijah Colyer

    I was impressed by their skills, I love the unexplainable.

  12. Shasha Vengesayi

    Shasha Vengesayi

    This is truly amazing. I’d love to be part of an act like this and have someone read my mind

  13. Shashikhan Silva Van Dijk

    Shashikhan Silva Van Dijk

    She's dead gorgeous yet humble and down to earth 😊

  14. David Ung

    David Ung

    Great mentalism act that is way different than all the magic acts this season!

  15. Janelle Nowroozi

    Janelle Nowroozi

    Loved this act! She looks like an angel! Such a sweet couple! Can’t wait to see what they do next 🙂

  16. Tu Nring

    Tu Nring

    Forget the trick ain’t nobody gon talk about how gorgeous she is? She’s like 2 Margot Robbies combined pretty

  17. ~Omega_Nebula~


    wow, you two are truly a magician and you just blown my mind!!!! I can't wait to see you in next round!!

  18. Garry Cohen

    Garry Cohen

    Good performance yet so simple.. it’s hard to think the judges couldn’t work it out.

  19. Jamuna Priya Music

    Jamuna Priya Music

    What a humble sweet couple with an incredible act!

  20. Noelle


    WOW 😳, we haven't had an act like this in a long time!