Inventor Documentary - SNL

A documentary covers how Archie Gizmo (Steve Martin) invented the whoopee cushion.

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  1. Matt Sunday

    Matt Sunday

    The level of production on this, should not go unnoticed.

  2. AU R3V0IR

    AU R3V0IR

    This sketch is not only funny but superbly sophisticated.

  3. Jason Miller

    Jason Miller

    This woks so well because Steve Martin has looked 65 years old since the 70s.

  4. Darren Severine

    Darren Severine

    How this woman did not die between two lightning strikes and a snake attack is between her and god.

  5. Jake Huang

    Jake Huang

    So good to see Steve on SNL again. Hopefully he can come back to host one more time.

  6. acour18


    Steve Martin has not lost an inkling of his classic and legendary humor. Such a gem.

  7. Setareh


    LMAO "How this woman did not die between two lightening strikes and a snake attack, is between her and GOD" I died

  8. KK Akuoku

    KK Akuoku

    Endearingly stupid comedy + a laser focused attention to production design detail = MAGIC

  9. Mskittenlover12


    That vintage aesthetic looks so good and James is so good as a vintage news reporter. Plus, the way they used actual younger pictures of Steve. 😭❤

  10. B LT

    B LT

    Saturday Night becomes a bit brighter anytime Steve Martin makes an appearance on SNL.

  11. Jyoti Hassan

    Jyoti Hassan

    This skit should straight go for Emmys. Hands down!!! Sel, Aidy, Steve all rocked omg 😂😂😂😂

  12. Hope Olson Reads

    Hope Olson Reads

    This was wholesome, in an SNL kind of way.

  13. KvnDWr


    Selena kills her part… could totally see her hosting a show like this one day lmao

  14. Fit Media Channel

    Fit Media Channel

    What a fantastic premise for a sketch - hilarious!

  15. Teresa Kee

    Teresa Kee

    "She was God's perfect fool." LOL

  16. guozhirong_97


    Just goes to show you that behind every successful inventor is a strong woman.

  17. Lanie Wytovak

    Lanie Wytovak

    aidy looks absolutely gorgeous in that blue dress and blonde hair

  18. Fuzzypants McGillicutty

    Fuzzypants McGillicutty

    That was the hardest SNL has made me laugh in years. Partly because of Steve, but mainly because of Aidy. That girl is so funny!!!!

  19. Marcia Wright

    Marcia Wright

    Steve and Selena are hilarious together 😂

  20. Jackson Kloes

    Jackson Kloes

    Major props to the editing and cinematography people