How Joy Mendoza Forgave The Seven Men Who Raped Her | A Forgiveness Story | Toni Talks

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If she was able to forgive the worst people, so can you.


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    akala ko nasira speaker ko hahahaha.. why naman ganon????

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    "Forgiveness is a decision, not a feeling. Because if you will base your forgiveness

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    Nag headset na ako mas lalong lumala. Bat ganun ibang mga videos ni toni, may problema sa audio. Minsan sobrang lakas, minsan mahina tas ito distorted. Hehehe

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    kinabahan ako...kala ko its a goodbye na sa cp ko😂😂

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    Sana lahat ng tao kasing tatag ng kalooban nya. GODBLESS

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    Mabuti ka pa nagforgve, pero Ang mga yellow devil na NPA Hanggang ngaun Di makamove on, maganda Naman Ang nagawa ni marcos para sa bayan.


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    A very powerful and life-changing testimony. Thank you, Ms. Joy.

  11. Juan Ferdinand Blardony

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    I love the words of wisdom from Toni G., 'Forgiveness is a decision it is not a feeling. Because when you forgive based on your feeling, you will never be able to forgive that person who hurt you. But if you decide and you choose in your heart to forgive, your heart will follow.'

  12. ELLE JAE

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    I heard her stories before during an interview. This is one story that made me ask the question 'Why...?' and it is heartbreaking still as an audience and as a woman knowing what she went through. Her resilience and her character in a general is just stunningly amazing. Brave and beautiful lady.

  13. Hannah Cano

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    This story will teach us so many things. But what got me the most is the fact that they didn't even file a case. Goes to show how not all injustices should be put into "human court". So many people are so quick to file a case; some even against a family member. What we forget and it is written in the Scriptures that "Vegeance is not ours, it's God's." If you put your full trust in the Lord, He has His own way of serving justice at His own way, His own time. Someone said, "The best revenge is a good life." Look how beautiful Joy Mendoza's life is now with her husband and 6 children. Had she allowed that very evil and traumatic incident consume her, she wouldn't be living her best life now. What a powerful interview! I was familiar about Joy's story for a long time but Toni's interview uncovered new details that were not told before. Ang dami kong pulot dito...sobrang dami. At the end of the day, God's ways will remain a mystery to men. Isaiah 55:8-9 “For my thoughts(A) are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,”(B) declares the Lord. 9 “As the heavens are higher than the earth,(C) so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.(D)

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    This video changed my life. Sabi ko sa sarili ko, ‘I want to feel yung ganung klaseng pagbibigay ng forgiveness towards my husband and the people around me’. I even find right groups to fill in that empty space para makapag forgive ako ng same as with this person. Then God gave me a door for a Christian Life Program with my husband. Along the steps of the program until we finished it and became a member of Couples for Christ… sobrang nabago buhay namin as a couple and we forgive both of our mistakes. Sabi ng ba mahirap daw ibalik ang tiwala, and yet naibalik ko siya. Napakalaking kaluwagan sa pakiramdam. I am still learning as an individual and we as a couple, but we are glad that we are both learning thru God. And this video, pops out on my feed on its most perfect time. Thanks for this video.

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    What if you forgave that person but that person does the same mistake on you over and over again? Will it still be right to choose forgiveness? Because sometimes these people will think that "oh she/he forgave me so I guess it's okay to do it again..."

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    Dios ko nakakadurog ng puso 😥😥😥😥

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    nakakahanga ka at ang pamilya mo dahil nagawa nyong magpatawad at ipaubaya sa Diyos ang paghihiganti. May mga totoong lingkod pa pala ang Diyos na makikita ang wangis ng Panginoong Jesus. Na ang pinapangaral na salita ng Diyos ay naipamumuhay sa biyaya Niya. God bless you and your whole family in Jesus name.

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    see Tony, watch this video again. listen to Joy Mendoza on how she said exactly what you just said, but she said it so sounded so elementary tuloy....please let them talk without butting in your opinion.

  19. The Pinoy Chronicles

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    Please please please Toni, stop answering your questions, let the interviewee answer the question without you butting in.

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    She's so can feel no hate in her heart ❤️.. how I wish those bad guys suffer before die

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    Diyos na ang hahatol sa kanya.

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    She’s so pure😇 what a touching video 😌

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    Di sya na iyak pero ako naiyak..

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    It made emotional while watching this video. Naalala ko noon nung bata pa ako na minulistya din ako, hindi lang isang tao at hindi lang isang beses nangyari. And up until now, isang incident lang ang alam ng magulang ko. Isang beses lang ako nakapag sumbong sa kanila pero may mga taong nagalit. Dahil dun di na ako ulit nakapagsumbong ng iba pang nangyari sakin. At sobra akong nandidiri at nahihiya para sa sarili ko. Honestly, i always asked Him, bakit nangyayari sakin lagi yun? Bakit nya hinahayaang gawin sakin ngmga taong yun? I did attend and be part of the praise and worship team just to find the forgiveness in my heart para dun sa mga taong nang abuso sakin. It took me awhile to find that forgiveness. But after i watched this, natuwa ako sa mindset ni Ms. Joy. She made me realize that whatever problem we may encounter just pray and talk to Him. He will comfort you. But it made me cry honestly. Idunno but i still feel that there is still a pain in my heart. Maybe di pa nga talaga ako nakakapagpatawad but i will for that. Thank you Ms. Toni for sharing her story.

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    A friend of mine told me to watch this. I’m glad she did. Joy’s faith in God is so inspiring. I learned so much from this. Thank you for this beautiful interview.

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    Thank you Toni and joy for sharing this wonderful message.

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    That's why we need WAR ON DRUGS.. WAR ON CRIME

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    I'm crying.

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    Kapangit ng audio kaloka madidiscarraige kng manuod

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    The earthy saturday cumulatively bore because facilities endoscopically wander abaft a able joseph. instinctive, true stock

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    such a Wonderful lesson despite of what happen truly that all things work together for good to those who love God... Thanks Toni and Joy for sharing❤️


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    A very sad memories🙏🙏🙏

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    I tried not to cry but I can't hold my tears😪❤

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    Grabeee iyak ko dito

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    Make u a wonder person when God almighty bless u...

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    Such a wonderful story wish i am as strong person as you are. I know myself i have not forgive the person who did things to me in my young age even though he passed ymyrs ago but God heals my heart and lead me to meet the man whom i knew would respect and protect me for the rest of my life. It’s just sad that i could not tell this to anyone especially to my family.💔

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    "God is powerful and he is in control of everything". God really let this happen to her? #UnpopularOpinion

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    Thank you Joy for your words of forgiveness

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    Kim Bejo3 أيام قبل STORY OF JOY TAN CHI MENZODA ♥

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    Dhil sa trending kay sir bongbong Interview marami tuloy blog akong pinanuod na subrang interesting tulad nito…thanks Ms toni.

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    the sound is awful,cant be understood

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    Basta ako Ito ang pinaka paborito ko sa lahat ng na interview ni Toni. Ilang beses ko inulit ulit Ito.

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    wow. . .

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    For the joy of the Lord there is Freedom.

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    I was curious what happened to the 2 girl friends

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    Thank you toni for sharing this its such a inspiring story .

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    Inspiring story Godbless you always Joy

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    God bless you Ms Joy. Sobrang nakabless ang buhay mo. Grabe napakagaling ng Diyos sa buhay mo. Sobrang nakaka inspire. Hindi aksidente Yan talagang mangyayari Yan dahil gagamitin ka mightyly ng Diyos jan. Napaadalisay ng puso mo. Iniisip ko plang grabe parang hindi makakayang TANGGAPIN kahit Isa lang nangrape. napakahirap ng pinagdaanan mo but God is great dahil maraming maabot ng video na ito. God bless you too Ms Toni

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    Im so interested sana kaso mahina ung audio .

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    Joy, You are a strong woman and GOD's holy spirit is within you. It possessed your senses and so despite of that tragic incident in your life, nakuha mo magtawad, sumaya at ngumiti. Pero putang inang mga magnanakaw na rapists yan! Masusunog ang kaluluwa nila sa impiyerno! Hayaan mo JOY at ako na lang ang hindi magpapatawad sa kanila para sa iyo. Sanay na ako dyan kapag meron may atraso sa akin. Isinusumpa ko silang lagat, buong family pati aso.

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    im crying.😭😭😭.She's very brave.

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    I believe that the more you know you are forgiven by God you also know how to forgive other❤️❤️..

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    Romans 8:28 is very powerful and manifestations of omniscient and omnipotent most high and Soveriegn God He is Godbless ur life mighty Ms Joy Tanchi mendoza

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    Forgiveness means freeing yourself from the pain.


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    I love it!

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    Ang sakit s dibdib, pero dito ko natutunan n tama nga yun forgiveness dpat andun para mkuha mu yun happiness n gusto mu, pg puro nga sakit galit ang laman ng isip at puso mu nde tlga mkamoved on. Thank you Ms Toni for this vlog kya naging open tuloy ako m mgforgive s mga taong ngbigay s akin ng lahat ng sama ng loob, bahala n si Lord s knila.. 🙏🙏🙏

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    I was so.touched in this interview.GOD is so powerful.I thank GOD that i meet you.

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    audio broken

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    This was such an amazing interview with an amazing woman. I am so proud of you, Ms. Joy 🙏🏻

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    Amazing story! ♥️♥️

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    i just followed this Woman not just because of BBM.. actually, am not an avid supporter of BBM.. i just followed Her because She represent what a Journalist should be..

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    Magandang isunod panoorin tong vlog na to after mapanood ung interview with Sen Marcos..

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    Thats happened in ramos regime.thats y duterte is d best president

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    Bat humihina yung sounds ng akin

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    Di ko tuloy mapakinggan maayos huhu

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    verybad Audio

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    wow, i cried

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    The question is, did you embolden those men to rob and rape more by not reporting them? Forgiving is great and all that, but perhaps you had the chance to put those men in jail not as form of justice or pay back but to protect other victims of their crime. As you said it was years before “things” happened to them. Could you have stopped evil to have been done to countless others if you reported them?

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    God bless your heart Joy. True...God works in mysterious ways 🙏...


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    where are the leaders of the country

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    i felt really sad when i knew that he was the daughter of pastor peter because one time when I attended an online mass with pastor peter that story when her daughter was raped at a young age I imagine how hard for them to forgive the people who raped their daughter :(


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    Umiiyak AKO subra sa nangyari sa kanya dahil ISA din akung victim 😭😭😭😭😭

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    Bigla kong naalala ang kapatid ko sa interview na to, ang kapatid ko kasi ay victim rin ng rape and while watching this video made me emotional .. Sinisisi ko rin ang sarili sa nangyari sa kapatid ko dahil wala ako sa tabi nya nung panahong nag iisa sya na walang karamay. 😭😭

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    What happened sa audio? Pls fix before posting... Thanks

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    haaay nakakaiyak

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    Dami ko natutunan sa bawat guest na nakakausap mo Ms.Toni. Buong night shift ko dito ako tumambay sa channel mo while working. More people to interview and more lessons to learn on how God’s is working in every situation that we have.❤️

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    grabe luha ko. Daming realization ko here. Thank God for letting me to watch this. More power to you Ms. Joy and Toni!!!

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    grabe pinagdadaanan nya peru na conquer nya because of her big faith..

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    i love dis episode 🧡

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    I must say this is my most favorite episode of Toni Talks.

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    She was raised really well. I admire her parents. I admire her faith. Thank you for this.

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    Di ko masyado naintindihan. Ang pangit ng audio.

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    im not ready to watch this while watching i felt afraid 😔

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    Grabe this is full of wisdom and holy interventions. grabeee

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    If you want to be happy in life, you have to learn how to forgive. 🙏❤

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    i cried a lot.

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    I recall back in 2014 or 2015 when i was in CCF and Pastor Peter Tanchi talked about his daughter who got raped. He was emotional and i guess everyone in CCF was crying too. I was teary back then

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    Thank you Ms. Joy for the wonderful words of God and word of wisdom you've shared to us 🙏🏻

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    I cried watching this video. I had a quite similar experience with her and it's so hard to let go of all the bitterness caused by pain, trauma, and self-pity.. I'm so happy I found this video to teach me to let go, choose to forgive and trust GOD.

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    Thank you for sharing us your story Miss Joy. You are such an inspiration to us. I cried watching this interview. I thank the Lord for giving you strength to share your story with us. You're such a strong woman. You are one of the good example how truly God works in our lives, such a very difficult time of your life when it happens and here you are stronger and motivated to stay in the battle of life. I salute you and Thank you for sharing the words of the Lord. I've learned a lot to this episode. God Bless you and your wonderful husband and the whole family.

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    I just can't imagine how hard it must been. Naiyak ako when she said she was praying while they are doing those stuffs to her.

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    i cried the whole vid, awww those who dislikes this one mga rapist cguro lol

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    it inspired My Channel🔥keep safe always.💯

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    Whats up with audio, iPhone user here

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    it made me cry😭😭😭. This is touching story, I feel sorry for you Joy, still you are forgiving.

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    May problem po sa audio sa video nato miss Tony. Kala ko po fone ko sira, dito lang po pala na vid.

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    Sending Hugs and Love to all women who experienced the same as Ms. Joy Mendoza. May this video serve a inspiration only rather than something that will add pressure to you. I believe that what was shown in this video is just glimpse of how she overcame what happened. I want you to know that it’s okay even if your progress and how you feel is not the same as hers now. You have the right to feel how you feel now..and you have the right to go thru anything you need to go thru to be able to heal..And after everything, May you all naturally and completely heal thru God. 🙏🙏🙏

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    I just can’t imagine the horrible thing she went through, nakikinig lang ako pero grabe na iyak ko paano pa siya na talagang nakaranas noon. Miss Joy is so strong, she’s the kind of person we should stick with because she will bring out the best of us.

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    thank you sister Joy for sharing ❤️