Every Woman Needs One Of These!

Hi, friends did you see the thumbnail for today's video - EVERY WOMAN NEEDS ONE OF THESE?!?!?!
Well, today, I will be sharing how to create your own Home Decor Store! You will have the flexibility to shop your store, whenever you want, make changes throughout your home, and have endless possibilities to plug and play with your decor. I will be sharing some new finds, and I will be hanging a new curtain valance in the kitchen! Thanks for watching! Love to all of you! Have a great weekend! ~XOXO 😘
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(I will be adding more items) 🌷🐰🍃
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❤️ Buffalo Check Valance: amzn.to/3IIf3bR
❤️ Beige Valance: amzn.to/3sHzbFq
❤️ Buffalo Check Counter Height Bar Stools: amzn.to/3HIE7xW
❤️ Faux Cupcakes: amzn.to/3MomMOj
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❤️ Farmhouse Riser (in the video): amzn.to/3C88k8t
❤️ Decor Stools (similar): amzn.to/3sz1zcP
❤️ Farmhouse Risers: amzn.to/3hC3Iy4
❤️ Leaf Ribbon: amzn.to/3HJ5AQo
❤️ Daises: amzn.to/36XW8fa
❤️ Checkered Cake Stand: amzn.to/3Moo7oj
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❤️ Happiness is Homemade Sign: amzn.to/3hwSRW3
❤️ Cutting Boards: amzn.to/3C9IW2r
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  1. Patricia Fessenden

    Patricia Fessenden

    I am watching you hang the kitchen valance, laughing! I found myself talking to you as if you were really talking to me. It took both of us hang that curtain. Love how it looks!

  2. Rasmus Mogensen

    Rasmus Mogensen

    If you struggle with storage, then here is a tip. Instead of having alot of repeats, just rotate, what you have! If you notice, Liz has alot of repeat items. The cake stands, the risers, lanterns, greenery, plates, cloches, wall decorations. Enough so, that she could remove all decorative items in the house, and completely replace them with the extras from the garage. And you don't really need all that. Instead, buy quality pieces, and rotate them! Once in a while, dismantle everything, and gather it, fx on you dining table. And then redecorate, but don't put things back in the same place! If you can find space for one shelving units for extras, and some bins for sesonal stuff, great! Bring those out, when you do the rotation, and when you're done, whatever is left goes back there. If some things tend to not get used - they need to go - and be replaced with something, that you will use! And instead of buying alot of inexpensive/cheap pieces, go thrifting! Visit second hand or antique stores! You can often find quality pieces there, for very good prices! Buy less, save money, and invest in quality items, you can and will use again and again, in different ways 😃

  3. Susan Thompson

    Susan Thompson

    I think the valance adds just the right touch. The buffalo check is a great choice. I think that one is enough because you don't need a lot up there, and I love that you still have your light and your view. I'm a person who needs light also. Wonderful job Liz!

  4. Barbara Napravnik

    Barbara Napravnik

    Hi Liz! I’d pick buffalo check! It will tie in your black and white dishes. Love your house!💞 I love the way it came out! Yup above the door for the metal piece!

  5. Sandy Lavigne

    Sandy Lavigne

    Love the buffalo check valance it softens the frame of the window perfectly! I'd center the wall embellishment over the sliding barn door, I think it might look a little cramped over your kitchen door! Everything is coming together so beautifully Liz!

  6. Suzanne Harrison

    Suzanne Harrison

    Just a thought, Liz....you talked about dust. For most things, you are correct, you can dust them off when using them, however, I would put the pillows in see through storage bags. Besides dust, you don't want bugs getting in them.

  7. Alley Orchid

    Alley Orchid

    Hi Liz! You did it! The Buffalo Check is just the ticket. It looks great! Maybe try that decorative piece above the barn door.

  8. Kim A

    Kim A

    Hi Liz, Your sense of humor is Adorable!! I always chuckle! Your decorating skills are right on. I love how homey you make your home and you aren’t afraid to change it up on a whim. Thx for the great videos. I’m jealous of your “decor store” . I want one 😁

  9. Sandy Joiner

    Sandy Joiner

    Liz your attic storage will probably be needed later on for your Christmas trees etc. Love the Buffalo curtain and the metal piece above door. Love all your things you do it all seems to work out Love your channel

  10. Butterfly Dreams

    Butterfly Dreams

    That buffalo check curtain is perfect,it flows with the bar chairs and your other black & white decor,I'm not sure about the scroll over the door,it might look crowded,you gave me the inspiration to use the built in wall shelves in my laundry room for my everyday decor,as always I love everything you do ❤

  11. Karen Brewer

    Karen Brewer

    I love the checked curtains with your chairs. I think that was a great choice. I had just said out loud “Liz, put that arch above the door” 😂 Love your new home!

  12. Tammy Aswell

    Tammy Aswell

    The black and white valance brings everything together. What a great idea to raise them higher. ❤️

  13. Brenda Neal-Johnson

    Brenda Neal-Johnson

    Hi Liz. Love the checked valance! I just ‘discovered’ you a few months ago and I have binged a ton of your video’s. I love your passion for decorating and YOU are just ‘super cute’ yourself!!! Thanks for sharing your ideas and some of your personal life with your decorating fans!

  14. Michelle Harris

    Michelle Harris

    Love the green plates, the dimpling gives them something extra. Looking forward to your hutch redo as I’m working on mine now. And as soon as you asked, “What should I do with this?”, I immediately said- “Put it above the door!!” So I guess we think alike, LOL. And my “store” is on shelves in the basement. As long as hubby is willing to do the heavy transport, I’m good!!

  15. stardustgirl


    Liz, 🌼🌸🌼🙋🏼‍♀️ everything you do is really great 👍🏻💜🙏🏻 thanks for all your input! I really don't have the space to have a room with all my goodies, so I just stash and dash stuff around the house! Unfortunately 🤔I can't remember where most of the stuff is when I need it! 🤣

  16. Teresa Maynard

    Teresa Maynard

    I love, love, love the idea of a

  17. Ann Collins

    Ann Collins

    The buffalo check valance is definitely the best choice for the window, Liz, and you didn’t obstruct your beautiful view. It also ties in with your bar stools so well. You are making your new home so beautiful. I love your storage idea in your garage so much that I’m a little envious. Lol

  18. Beckie Hancock

    Beckie Hancock

    Liz, love the black and white check valance above your sink. Your kitchen is adorable. The black/white check bar stools truly make your kitchen Shine . ♥️

  19. Jean E

    Jean E

    Your storage area is awesome Liz❤️ I love both the valances but am partial to the Buffalo Plaid 🖤 Your kitchen is beautiful ❤️

  20. Donna


    Love how organized you are. The buffalo check curtain is perfect on the window ❤️