Decorated Pool House Tour - Before And After!

Hi Friends, join me today as we go out to the pool house. I will give you an empty pool house tour and then we will decorate the inside and do a decorated pool house tour. Also, you will get to see the big sauna, too!
Thanks for visiting with me today! Sending you big ((hugs)) and love! ~❤️💦
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  1. Susan Armstrong

    Susan Armstrongسنوات قبل

    Add a bathroom! Great for a changing room! Decorate with pool games and towels!!!

  2. Jodie Berdiales

    Jodie Berdialesسنوات قبل

    I love my infrared sauna. It’s part of my morning routine right when I wake up. 25 minutes at 145 degrees. Burns 600 calories. Great health benefits as well as weight loss benefits with little effort. The older I get the more my health is important to me. I’ll never get rid of mine.

  3. Donna Estes

    Donna Estesسنوات قبل

    I would make the sauna a changing room/bathroom😉 everything looks so good..would love to hear your story!

  4. Lois Fris

    Lois Frisسنوات قبل

    I would turn the sauna into a bathroom, that way friends could use it to change their clothes into their swimsuits.

  5. Kathy Nietfeld

    Kathy Nietfeldسنوات قبل

    Definitely! Let’s hear the story. You’re a great storyteller!

  6. Charlotte Gean

    Charlotte Geanسنوات قبل

    Liz I love your hair up! You are so pretty (and sweet). You are so blessed to have a pool and pool house, those girls and their friends are going to have the summer of their life. Everything looks great. And yes I want to know, tell us more!!

  7. Brandon Todd

    Brandon Toddسنوات قبل

    I would love to know the story it's a cliffhanger you can't leave us hanging I would use that sauna for like a changing room /bathroom. When your guests are done swimming they can change their clothes. Maybe a couple of lockers so they can keep their personal items in there

  8. Mellissa

    Mellissaسنوات قبل

    Yes I would love to hear the story and the event that brought you to tears. Stories are what makes ppl seem more human and develop more connection with your audience so spill the beans 🤗❤

  9. JaxFLGirl

    JaxFLGirlسنوات قبل

    Yes I would love to hear the story. I love your decorating style, it’s gorgeous!! ❤️

  10. Designs By Janie Marie

    Designs By Janie Marieسنوات قبل

    Love the pool house! All of your nautical theme stuff would be so cute out their too! I’d love that sauna! And like others say, you can use it for sauna/changing room!

  11. imsassi

    imsassiسنوات قبل

    HECK YES LIZ - THE STORY !!!!!!! THE LOWDOWN GIRLY !!! Lovin' the hair up. Cute touches in the pool house today.

  12. Donna

    Donnaسنوات قبل

    Great job Liz!!! Yes, chandeliers would look awesome ☺️. And I’m with you, do away with the sauna and turn that space into something else 👍🏻😁.

  13. Dalia Avila

    Dalia Avilaسنوات قبل

    I would love to see your new car and hear the story! Have you thought about using your coastal decor in the pool house? I think it would be perfect and I agree with others about converting the sauna into a changing room or bathroom.

  14. Linda Matthews

    Linda Matthewsسنوات قبل

    Love the pool house decorations. Would definitely make into a bathroom/changing area. Would love to hear your car story. Your stories are always entertaining. ❤️

  15. Starr Fitz

    Starr Fitzسنوات قبل

    Thank you for taking us on ''adventures with liz💕'' your looking happier with your home, stay well girl!

  16. Janice Marra

    Janice Marraسنوات قبل

    What a great pool house. It has so much to offer. I love how you have decorated it thus far. A bathroom is always good so they don’t go in your house With wet feet

  17. Tish Rabren

    Tish Rabrenسنوات قبل

    I would do a bathroom in that space and I LOVE the idea of chandeliers. Everything is looking great! I love your updates to your home!

  18. Pamela Tompkins

    Pamela Tompkinsسنوات قبل

    It looks great! And the sauna makes for extra storage! I was thinking you definitely could do a mini kitchen in that sauna. 😊

  19. Lena Koger

    Lena Kogerسنوات قبل

    Missed you last Friday, but it sounds like you had a great time, can’t wait to hear about it.😁

  20. Mama ShanShan

    Mama ShanShanسنوات قبل

    Absolutely love it!! It really would be so awesome to build an outdoor kitchen/ bar/ area!! Have a safe and fabulous week all! 💫💫