BTS: Permission to Dance

Late Late Show guests BTS take the stage for a dazzling performance of their hit song "Permission to Dance."

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    its so heartwarming to see them perform with ARMYs in the crowd again <3 +9

  2. aryd


    Jin's vocal is really being recognised. His voice, in the recent release, Yours, PTD, Butter really shines. The quality is simply outstanding. +1

  3. Cali Love

    Cali Love

    Jins voice is always so stable and beautiful! he's perfection!!!!! +107

  4. BTS 2020

    BTS 2020

    Jin’s is incredible beautiful. His English is insane. Jin’s live performances is always top notch. Live King 👑 +83

  5. joix



  6. kelly kelly

    kelly kelly

    Jin's vocal is superb!! +79

  7. Carrie Smith

    Carrie Smith

    I love them all, but Jin is my favourite vocal, his voice is amazing 👏 +187

  8. MTJF


    Jin is not just a pretty face, he is amazing !! +124

  9. Rochy04


    Jin so stable, jimin did good also, the performance was so cute, well done guys. +90

  10. Hitomi


    Jin's vocal is just amazing, full of love.. 😂💗 +238

  11. Raymond Dwipa

    Raymond Dwipa

    Jin's singing is very good and I loved how he dances +64

  12. Cookies and Cream Channel

    Cookies and Cream Channel

    Jin nailed it on live! most of them are off key. +61

  13. MrsJK


    The set is so beautiful +6

  14. Nittaya Kwan

    Nittaya Kwan

    Jin’s voice always caught my heart and finallyyyyyy everyone recognize it 😍 +24

  15. Jjegnie


    Seokjin's voice is more stable than my whole life, He's so talented wtf +792

  16. rock jin •̀ᄉ•́

    rock jin •̀ᄉ•́

    imagine constantly singing in a high note while dancing 😩 Jin our always stable and high notes king! +72

  17. Gladys Dorilag

    Gladys Dorilag

    Seokjin's "we don't need to worry"... always a blessing... +108

  18. Raymond Dwipa

    Raymond Dwipa

    Jin's singing is very good and I loved how he dances +102

  19. Titin Tia

    Titin Tia

    OMG Seokjin's voice is so beautiful +137

  20. Prachi Singh

    Prachi Singh

    90% comments are about Jin only I m really very happy to see that he is getting what he deserves 🥺💜👑 +81