5 AMAZING Auditions From Week 1 of Britain's Got Talent 2022!

Britain's Got Talent returns for 2022! Check out the TOP 5 most viewed amazing auditions from week 1!


  1. Aseema M

    Aseema M

    The first lady knocked it out the ballpark---totally BLAZED it. She earned that Golden Buzzer more than any other Singer I've seen in recent years! God Bless Her! 👏🏽😇 👏🏽🥰

  2. Dimitrios Bitzenis - freeSongs music

    Dimitrios Bitzenis - freeSongs music

    The first lady singer reminds us that many talented people behind the scenes may never get what they truly deserve in life because they either miss the right timing or lack the strong will to step forward, so this performance is like something out of a Disney movie that makes us all cry, smile, and feel warm-hearted. My adoration and admiration!

  3. KuyzFord TV

    KuyzFord TV

    She finally got the recognition and she deserves to be a Star 🥰👏👏

  4. Luiz C.Sifrade

    Luiz C.Sifrade

    Sou do Brasil, me fez chorar ouvindo essa voz maravilhosa

  5. Cl Dr

    Cl Dr

    I watched Lauren performed this the first time live and my mouth fell open for the fact that I have loved this song from the first time I heard it but watching her perform just touched my heart so much. She deserves so much praise and with the gods gift voice that was given to her she deserves to fly and touch so many hearts she brings tears to my eyes when I hear her voice please Lauren never stop singing and fly with the wing that God has given you stay safe young lady and blessed hearts all around this world.

  6. Mary Mendez

    Mary Mendez

    Tom Ball deserved a golden buzzer, his voice and the emotion behind it were so beautifully woven. He’s incredibly talented, absolutely mind blowing performance.

  7. Braden Williams

    Braden Williams

    It’s always a miracle when a golden buzzer goes to someone who actually deserves it

  8. Diana Goodwin

    Diana Goodwin

    That dad said he wrote that song for his little girls...He performed it beautifully...That should have earned him the Golden Buzzer...There wasn't a dry eye left in the building!!!!

  9. Panda Gamer

    Panda Gamer

    Uma estrela maravilhosaaaaaaaaaaa! Talentosíssima.

  10. Leasa Fortune

    Leasa Fortune

    She has such a beautiful, rich voice. Well deserved Golden Buzzer.

  11. Maureen Ramlochan

    Maureen Ramlochan

    The man who sang Daddy's little girls...he made me cry. It was full of emotion. I never knew my dad much but....i cried a lot!

  12. Maria De Lurdes

    Maria De Lurdes

    Linda voz e bela canção

  13. Moses Samuels

    Moses Samuels

    I'm glad she finally got the Recognition she deserved!

  14. Robert Deberry

    Robert Deberry

    Daddies little girls! I was just in tears - so beautiful. Simple, emotional and just glad he found his center enough to sing it to us all. Wonderful job Nick.

  15. Janice Oliver

    Janice Oliver

    I could listen to her sing this song all day long over and over again. Spectacular!!

  16. Rita Cassia Campos

    Rita Cassia Campos

    Lindo demais ❤️

  17. Alexandre Valsechi

    Alexandre Valsechi

    Linda performance!!! Emocionante!!!

  18. Vero Mezerette

    Vero Mezerette7 ساعات قبل

    Formidable interprétation, incroyable et grandiose 😇

  19. charles robbins

    charles robbins

    It looks like this season is going to be one tough contest for those who chose to tryout this year. I think it will be safe to say that many will choose to tryout next year after this performance. Then comes Tom Boll, looks like a great year is already presenting us with incredible talent. Well done!

  20. aldo saynes enriquez

    aldo saynes enriquez

    Que humildad en esta hermosa mujer ❤️